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Getting Cultured in Bethel

OMG! Has it really been three weeks since my last post? What a slacker I have been! I will not waste time with recriminations...let's just get started and catch up!

Saturday Market

Saturday Market in #Bethel is similar to the fictional village of Brigadoon that randomly appears on the Scottish countryside once every 100 years or so, except without the musical numbers. Lucky for us Saturday Market in Bethel is on a more frequent schedule - usually monthly. I am told there will be more frequent appearances the closer we get to Christmas.

For all of you that have never heard of Brigadoon - check it out: Brigadoon (1954) staring Gene Kelly and Van Johnson.

This is either a photo from Brigadoon...or from the Crazy Fashions of WalMart website!

Some of the wonderful homemade items that can be found at the Saturday Market:

One of the highlights of the day was meeting a new friend:

I wanted to buy this little guy for a souvenir, but his parents wouldn't sell.

Who doesn't enjoy flavored snowballs in the middle of winter (I recommend avoiding the yellow ones)! Shaved Ice was a hit with the attendees, even Sally tried the coconut flavored treat!

While I was at the Saturday Market I did purchase a ticket for the #BethelCouncilOnTheArts 2018-2019 season. My premium pass gets me front row comfy seats for all of the shows.

I deserve a bit of pampering once in awhile!

I had to retype "shows" three times in that last sentence. For some reason my fingers kept typing "shoes"...I wonder if it is my subconscious mind missing all of my cute Phoenix shoes?!

Back to my season pass and getting cultured...

Kate's official Season Pass!

A Night On The Town

Our first event was October 19th - Kat Moore in concert (Chris Lesesne had a family emergency and was unable to attend).

I had not eaten dinner that night so my first stop was the concession window. I was surprised and delighted to discover that the concession stand had my favorite dinner on the menu - a charcuterie plate. This is my kind of town!

The opening act was a local Bethel musician #PaulConti, a teacher at the high school here in #Bethel. I wonder if any of my high school teachers were secretly musicians in our hip town of #Hermiston Oregon. Wouldn't that have been cool! RESPECT Mr. Conti!

Paul Conti - Bethel, Alaska October 19, 2018

The headliner,#KatMoore, is a vocalist and pianist for the band #TheSuperSaturatedSugarStrings and #TheForestNeverSleeps. Kat is an animated performer with a strong voice that is reminiscent of Patsy Cline (in fact, I am pretty sure she sang These Boots are Made for Walking during her set).

Learn more about Kat here:

Below is one of her video's from The Forest That Never Sleeps Facebook page:

For those of you that are more interested in non-human cats - I have provided a video for you here:

#BenBalivet joined the fun for the finale.

For all of the fashionistas out there the next section is for you. I know you are all waiting in anticipation to see some of the stylish fashions that were on display during the evenings events.

In Bethel Alaska, FUNCTION is FASHION!

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yes, it happened - I had another birthday!

We don't need to discuss the number of candles on my birthday cake...lets just say I am 25 plus shipping and handling!


I was excited to learn that Halloween is alive and thriving in Bethel. I considered a few different costume choices:

I settled on Pippi Longstocking (mainly because she is just a mismatched girl with braids, and I have limited clothing options...refer to previous photo of my closet).

I love that we all put our own twist on our costumes. Eva in particular took some creative license and swapped out Toto the dog for Toto the mosquito.

First Snow Fall

We had our first snow fall - October 29th!

Bethel, Alaska - First snowfall of the year, October 29, 2018

Oops! I know that this looks bad for me...In my defense I'm from Phoenix!

Snow to a Phoenician is like seeing dinosaurs!

Well my friends...until next time.

Piurra (Pe-yu-raa), "See you later"!

Some more photos to enjoy:

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Hi Kate!!! Love your blog--the pictures are terrific! I hope you are surviving the cold okay---We miss you lots! Love, Mary

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