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"Kate is unwavering in her commitment to ensuring that all employees for whom she is responsible, either directly or indirectly, are treated equitably and fairly.  Her consistency and commitment to an ethical environment are extremely valuable and appropriate.  Kate is not afraid to have the difficult conversations, helping to foster a transparent environment while also striving to make the work environment fun."
          James Patry,  Vice President, Marketing and Community Relations, North Country Healthcare
"It's not very often that a healthcare CHRO and CIO can collaborate on organizational and technology initiatives with energy and enthusiasm, but that is how Kate and I worked together.  Kate embraces technology and continuously surprises me with her creativity and innovation.  Kate always holds true to values, fairness, and equity when it comes to employees but embraces and pivots to the constant change we face.  Kate was a great resource for me regarding modern human resource management and employee relationships.  Kate would be a great addition to anybody's team and bring ideas and creativity to any organization."
          Darrell Bodnar, Chief Information Officer, North Country Healthcare
"I have had the opportunity to work with Kate Piña in two different hospitals, and in both cases, she was a very knowledgeable and effective executive. Kate has demonstrated her ability to manage a spectrum of leadership responsibilities, from creating a positive organizational culture to resolving very difficult employee situations. Kate stands out as an exceptional HR professional, and I count myself very fortunate to have had Kate on my team."
          Mike Ellis, Interim CEO/CFO, Lake Chelan Community Hospital & Wickenburg Community Hospital
"...I am fully familiar with her superb abilities as an office manager, paralegal, and problem solver. Her professional demeanor and deportment were among the best, even under the pressures of the high stakes and media focused criminal litigation that occurred during the Al Bahlul prosecution...I observed her leadership within the Chief Prosecutor's Office as she managed a junior staff. Kate Pina during my time working with her handled this charged environment with a consistent steady hand...From my personal and professional knowledge, I know she is dutiful, faithful, and professional with great integrity. She is fully committed to accomplishing the mission and consistently exercised excellent legal judgment and foresight in her work."
        Charles Hale, Military Justice Review Group, Office of the General Counsel
"Kate is one of those rare gems. She is extremely dedicated and works hard to deliver a perfect product...Take advantage of her advice; she knows what she is talking about!"
          Colonel Erica Austin, USAF Reserve
"As long as Ms. Piña was on my team I didn't have to worry about what my office produced. She has an innate ability to make others look good. She is a well-spoken, professional person."
MSgt Brian Minock, US Navy
"Superior manager. Her thought process was clear and appropriate.  Always thoughtful and caring.  Willing and able to help when needed.  Proud to work alongside Kate."
Dr. Todd Kravetz, Wickenburg Community Hospital
"I highly recommend Kate Piña! She is an amazing leader and mentor. Kate was my direct report (supervisor), VP of Human Resources. She helped form our brand new HR department with PEO and Benefit transition and implementation as well as creating processes and procedures to stabilize workflow."
Autumn Price, Sono Bello
"From day one, Kate exhibited a drive and passion to come in and make a difference. She has extensive knowledge and diverse background in the Human Resources field that were immediately needed and on display. Sagewood was in a growth period when Kate started and she took on all the challenges that she encountered head-on."
David Bennett, CFO, Sagewood
"Kate has a very strong work ethic. She is a diligent employee who easily understands the objectives of the organization and works to achieve those goals in the most effective and efficient way possible."
Bob Venberg, COO, PEM Real Estate Group
"In recognition of your academic and professional is my pleasure to offer you the Eller Executive MBA Program's Community Leadership Scholarship."
Jim Deranek, Director, MBA Admissions, Eller College of Managment

"[Kate has an] extremely strong work ethic. [She] understands regulations, policy, and within context, and the importance of the "softer side" of HR."


Mark Richards, Former CEO, Marillac Center for Children


"Kate delivers proactive solutions in highly stressful situations, which results in positive customer response, greater client satisfaction and an increased loyalty base for the company. Kate's achievements go beyond the mainly professional. I have always known her to treat others with compassion, respect, and understanding. Kate will help those who need help! She does not hesitate to do tasks beyond her descriptions."


Iveta Delic, Director Environmental Services, Sagewood
"I had the pleasure of working with Kate while she was activated [with the Air Force Reserves]. She is intelligent, well organized with an extremely positive attitude.  If given the opportunity I would not hesitate to work with her again."
           Karen Vinella
         Senior Assistant General Counsel, Operational Technology Law at U.S. Department of Justice
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